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Allyson Rowe
Speaker + Mentor
Maya Elious
Speaker + Entrepreneur
Jada Hite
Speaker + Mentor
Michelle Ana Crum
Influencer + Speaker
Natasha Miller
Speaker + Entrepreneur
Caitlin Nunez
Jennifer Spears
Author + Entrepreneur
Lauren Nelson
Blogger + Speaker
Felecia Pittman
Teacher + Coach
Casey Sharperson
Speaker + Entrepreneur
Mercedes Chetuya
Non-profit Founder
Conference Host
Amanda Pittman, Founder
Amanda is a Christian, a wife, and a mother. She is the author of two books, “Reflecting God’s Beauty,” and “Love Your First Year of Marriage.” Amanda is the founder of the Confident Woman Mentorship Program and helps her husband pastor The Gathering Oasis Church Downtown. Amanda travels and speaks, and creates social media content that inspires and equips women to be confident in the woman that God created them to be. 
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3:45pm - 4pm est
Amanda Pittman - @amandaapittman
4pm- 5pm est
Confidence in Sharing the Gospel
Caitlin Nunez - @caitlinnunez
Caitlin Nunez is a traveling preacher and the founder of Kingdom Ambassadors. She will teach on how to effectively share the gospel of Jesus Christ with confidence and boldness. 
5pm - 6pm est
Confidence in Entrepreneurship
Maya Elious - @mayaelious
Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist that teaches women how to leverage and monetize their skills, expertise, and gifts in the online space. She will teach on the realities of building a healthy sense of confidence as a full-time entrepreneur.
6pm - 7pm est
Confidence During Seasons of Hiding
Lauren Nelson - @lonelson_
Lauren Nelson is a blogger, wife, and mother who is passionate about ministry. She will share the valuable lessons that she's learned during the not-so-flashy times that God has developed her, and how she's embraced them.
7pm - 8pm est
Confidence in Fashion + Style
Jennifer Spears - @jenniferspears_
Jennifer Spears is a full-time Christian business owner, wife and mother who has been thriving in the fashion industry. Jennifer will share with you practical ways to embrace your personal style with both confidence and modesty.
8pm - 9pm est
Confidence in Being a Wife
Natasha Miller - @natashaannmiller
Natasha co-leads the successful brand, Married and Young, while she's continued to thrive as a wife and mother. Natasha will share how she's grown to love her family and be a confident wife throughout every season.
9pm - 10pm est
Confidence in your Identity
Mercedes Chetuya - @mercedeschetuya
Mercedes is the founder of the non-profit, Young Women Lead, and is also a wife and mother.  She will teach you how to establish and maintain a healthy and strong identity in Christ. 

4pm - 5pm est
Confidence in Speaking
Casey Sharperson - @caseycarea
Casey is a coach and business mentor who cultivates confidence in millennials to take them from stagnant to stellar. Former pageant queen and cheerleading coach, Casey is a gifted speaker who will equip you to build confidence both on stage and in your everyday conversations. 
5pm - 6pm est
Raising Confident Children
Felecia Pittman - @thefeleciapittman
Felecia Pittman is a teacher, a business and marriage coach, a STEM advocate, and a wife and a mother of over 25 years. She's raised three children into thriving, confident, and successful adults, and will share with you the foundations for raising confident, God-fearing children. 
6pm - 7pm est
Confidence After Tragedy
Michelle Ana Crum - @lovemichelleana
Michelle is a Christian YouTube sensation and beauty influencer who is also widowed. Michelle has grown in her identity in Christ after losing her husband, and will impart into you the skills to cope after tragedy and find your inner light.
7pm - 8pm est
Confidence in Ministry
Allyson Rowe - @allysonmrowe
Allyson, former Miss Washington USA, is a full-time traveling speaker and women's mentor. She has grown a passion for women in ministry and leadership, and will empower you to walk boldly into the ministry that God has given you to serve in. 
8pm - 9pm est
Confidence in Your Purpose
Jada Hite - @jada_dannielle
Jada is a wife, mother, and women's mentor. She's learned to walk in the fullness of her purpose as a stay-at-home-mom, a ministry leader, and now as a women's mentor. She will teach you how to use your gifts and passions for God's glory. 
9pm - 10pm est
Confidence in Your Body Image
Amanda Pittman - @amandaapittman
Amanda, full time entrepreneur and ministry leader, has learned to shake off the chains of poor self-image and embrace the woman that God has called her to be. Amanda will share with you how to love your body through thick and thin.
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The Confident Woman Online Conference will be hosted live on December 28th and 29th. Every registrant will be able to watch it live, and receive the digital recording to watch anytime later. The conference will equip you to walk boldly into your God-given purpose.
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Where is the conference being held? 
The CWOC  is a fully online conference that you can watch from the comfort of your home. All you need is a phone, laptop, or desktop computer that has a stable internet connections.
Is the Confident Woman Online Conference free? 
The CWOC is not free. There is a registration fee which includes the live video sessions, as well as lifetime access to the full length recordings to watch at any time for your convenience. Each session is valued at $47.00, which means this is a total value of $500.00+.
Is there a payment plan for the Confident Woman Online Conference? 
There is not a payment plan for the CWOC.
Is the Confident Woman Online Conference for all ages?
The CWOC is for all women of all ages! 
Will the conference be on Facebook Live?
The conference can only be accessed by those who made an investment.
Is there an app that I need to download to watch live?
Once you register, approximately two weeks before the conference, you will receive login details, giving you instructions on how to view the live sessions. No need to worry. There will be a test day to make sure everything is working properly for you and to answer any questions that you may have.
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